20+ Artists Challenge Themselves To Redraw Their Old Crappy Drawings, Prove That Practice Makes Perfect

It’s easy to compare your artworks to those of the greats and feel miserable. But if you’re an aspiring creator you need to understand that nobody was born a genius and everyone has to start somewhere. And nothing proves this better than the ‘Draw This Again’ challenge (previously here and here).

Its rules are really simple. Artists upload side-by-side images of their earlier and current works, showcasing how much they’ve progressed. And some of the participants are even redoing their old doodles, which makes the effect of the comparison so much stronger. From realistic portraits to surreal character design, scroll down to check out the improvements they’ve made over the years and upvote your favorite entries.

#1 Two Years Of Drawing Every Day

#2 I Broke My Neck And Was Paralyzed In December, 2010. Here Is A Photo Of The First Drawing I Did In Rehab, With Assistance From My Recreational Therapist Ashley. Followed By A Self Portrait I Did 7 Years Later. I’ve Improved A Little

#3 Found This Drawing I Did In 2008 When I Was 11 Of The Puppy We Adopted Who’s Now An Old Man

#4 It’s Been Exactly Three Years Since My First Drawing, So Decided To Do This ‘Draw This Again’ Challenege. Not Dissappointed

#5 Me And My Art, 6 Years Apart

#6 Eye Improvement In 2 Years, 13 To 15 Years Old

#7 1 Year Improvement

#8 Then And Now

#9 Nearly 10 Years Ago I Drew Sybill Trelawney From Harry Potter, And Now I’ve Done It Again. I Pushed Myself With The Details, And I’m So Proud

#10 My Drawing Improvement 2014 – 2017

#12 My Drawing Improvement 2013 – 2017

#13 A Little Evolution Trough The Time

#14 Improvement

#15 Awesome Progress

#16 The First One I Drew When I Was Twelve Years Old. The Second Sheet Is A 25-Year-Old Guy Who Started Drawing

#17 A Remake Of An Old Drawing From 2014. It’s Nice To See How My Art Style Changed As Well

#18 My Drawing Progress Over The Year, Criticism And Advice Always Welcome

#19 One Year Drawing Progress

#20 Sometimes I Think That I Do Not Advance Or Improve, And Then I Find My Drawings From Years Ago

#22 Improved Nutella

#23 It’s Always Nice To See How Far You’ve Come, And What All Of Your Time And Effort Has Ended Up As

#24 Honestly Most People Drew Better Than Me When They Were Kids. I Just Enjoyed Drawing, So I Kept Doing It, And Improved As A Byproduct

#25 It’s Been 4 Years And I’ve Learned A Lot. And Honestly? I’ve Learned Most Of It By Watching Much Better Artists Than Me

#26 Did A Re-Draw Of My First Ever Digital Painting From 2012. Pretty Cool To See How Far I’ve Come

#27 I Got Inspired To Remake A Drawing I Made 7 Years Ago For A Friend

#28 Recently I Came Across A Super Old Drawing Of Mine And I Thought It Could Be Fun To Redraw Or Paint The Thing. I Added Some Details Though To Make It Look Nicer Besides The Whole Rendering Part And Everything Else

#29 This Was So Much Fun To Draw! I Used The First Pic I Ever Drew With Photoshop And Did It Again. Any Improvement?

#30 May 2014 To May 2018 – Four Years Of Practice With Colored Pencils

#32 Redesigned A Character That Was Created In 2010, Called Semira, Now Called Lily. I Find It Very Cool To Remake Old Designs, ‘Cause It’s Easier To See How I Have Evolved

#33 So Satisfying. Watercolors

#34 2.5 Years Between The 1st And 2nd Picture

#35 Progression, Digital

#36 Davy Jones – Draw This Again

#37 Draw This Owl Again

#38 Elephant Before And After

#39 My Mom Found One Of My Old Sketch Books From 1999 And The Drawing On The Left Was A Little Gem I Found In There. I Drew The One On The Left At Age 9 And The One On The Right At Age 19

#40 I’ve Never Really Redrawn An Old Artwork Of Mine Even Though I Love Seeing Them From Other Artists. So I Gave It A Shot And Tried To Keep Pose And Palette Similar. 12 Years Of Difference

#42 Gosh, I Was So Proud Of This Back In 2013. And I Really Did Improve In The Past Three Years

#43 My Progress In 7 Years

#44 Draw This Again: Drowning Maiden

#45 Coloring Improvement Over A Year

#46 3 Years Apart

#47 I’d Seen People Do This Before And I Always Wanted To Try It Myself Some Time. To Make It Fair I Stuck To The Same Conditions: No References, No Color And The Same Pose

#48 This Should Give You A Lesson: Never Give Up! You Can Do It

#49 Here Is The Remake Of A Self-Portrait I Did Back In 2010, Before I Did Any Digital Work, All Inks And Cross-Hatching Back Then

#50 1 Year Difference (Progress)

#52 My First “Draw This Again”, And I’m Really Proud Of The Result

#53 7-Year-Old Me Vs Now Me

#54 Left: When I Was 15 Years Old. Right: More Than 2 Decades Later

#55 I Don’t Remember When I Did The First Drawing, But At That Time I Didn’t Draw With Tablet, It Was With Mouse, And My Pulse Is Horrible. I Hate The First Drawing But I Think That The Difference Is So Incredible

#56 So In My 12-Year-Old Mind Preppy Equaled A School Girl Outfit. It Was Very Fun Redrawing This! Huge Confidence Booster

#57 Had So Much Fun Doing This, I’m Glad I’ve Improved

#58 I Really Enjoy To “Restore” My Old Characters Of Elementary And Middle School And Only Now I Realize How Synthesized And Anatomically Incorrect They Are

#59 Not Sure When The First One Was Made, May Be 1994 Or Something. Anyway, A Bit Of Progress Since Then

#60 One Of My Old Drawing, Which I Didn’t Throw Away – Today I Can Do Comparison Of My Progress

#62 So I Opened My Drawing Time Capsule From 10 Years Ago. I’m Not Sure If That Black Thing Is A Mouth Or A Mustache

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