Family Secret’s

“mmmhmmhmm this steak is amazing!, How is your linguine?” He Looked at me with eyes open with delight and said “oh my god” and continued to go ham on the linguine. In my mind this date could not have gone any better. After we were done with our entree’s I asked the waiter if we could look at the desert menu. “Of course, I will be right back.” The waiter walked off and me and my date continued to talk. ” Whats your family like” he asked me.  “It’s me and my mom step father and older brother. I have three siblings but no knows where the middle went. ” “What do you mean?” He asked. I always get nervous telling this story and usually try avoid it but for some reason I felt so comfortable I couldn’t help but continue.  The family couldn’t understand it themselves one day he was fine and then the next he just started to change. Like he started talking to himself saying that there were people watching us. We all thought he some  how developed schizophrenia from the drugs he use to do. We tried to get him some help but that just pushed him even further away, till eventually he up and left. He was twenty-two at the time…have not seen him since.” Wow that’s a interesting story I wonder what he’s doing now?” I do not know but I hope hes-”  “Can you step outside for a second~” A Chill ran down my spine as if ice cold mist had been poured into my ears. I turn my head quickly to see the would be person to whisper this but there was nothing out of the ordinary…Except for the uncanny woman dressed in a black trench coat staring at me from outside the restaurant window. Her eyes seem to give off a faint glow of purple. I looked back at Vlad and asked “do you see the creepy lady staring at us through the window?” Vlad looked over my shoulder and with a surprised look on his face said ” Yeah at shes looking directly at us!”

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