Mercy And Slaughter.

A savage is born 365 years after its birth. No one knows why or how this phenomenon came to be, It is as natural as a hurricane or volcanic eruption. A Savage is the only human born with Miracle abilities. Each Savage that was born had different manifestations of the said ability. The previous savage Pedro Calungsod was born with incredible strength and regenerating power. He was also able to heal others; Herald as a hero who helped spread Christianity across the Philippines. Pedro lived till 210 but not all Savage are born good. Prior to Pedro was a Savage named Subutai Said to have the power to see the outcome of any problem. He was the general of Genghis Khan army cold and calculated helped, rape, pillage, murder and conquer most of Asia. Now the year is 2019 and the world is awaiting a new Savage to be born.

Act 1

“Puuush Wilda Puuuuush”  Screams of a new mother in agony echoed through out the hospitals halls. “I can see the head!” Wilda scream and wailed as she pushed with all her might. After a mighty screech like roar a boy popped out healthy with a major set of lungs. ‘Ok now one more time.” Wilda nearly fainted at the thought of having to push out another, without hesitation tho she summoned every once of energy and fiber within her to give the ultimate push. “Another boy!” but something was wrong, this one was quiet and breathing non existent. It looked as if something was choking him inside the womb. “Prepare to administer baby CPR!” Wilda still held on to her consciousness, as drained as she was she needed to know her baby was OK.

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